Registration form EGY Phone Number



Currently living in Cairo, Egypt. and looks like the main Registration page does not accept EGY numbers …

Country Code is +20 the mobile numbers start 010xxxxxxxx … I haven’t even downloaded the App yet… I just want to start register with your main Web page with o luck always…

Kindly advice,


Hey @whzaki :slight_smile:

Keep in mind :r: is only available to residents of the EEA and Switzerland as of now :wink:


Cheers Mate …

Any plans for overseas … ?


Revolut plans to expand to the world but this sadly takes time as they have to comply with regulations and other things like tailoring domestic offerings. As of current they’re expanding into larger markets. This includes Japan, Singapore, USA and Hong Kong.

They’ve also just received their EU banking licence :tada: keep following @RevolutApp on Twitter for updates on expansion and make sure you check out the blog for other great features.

Hopefully they’ll be with you within the next couple of years :wink: with the rate they’re expanding market wise it wouldn’t surprise me!