Register Puerto Rico bank account

Hi there! I’m trying to register in Revolut my Puerto Rico bank account but it doesn’t appear in the list of countries. My smartphone ios is Android. Could anyone how to solve this issue?

it was discussed before.
Puerto Rico is available on iOS only (it isn’t a joke)
We are waiting for fix.


Well, I guess technically it is available for Android too, but it is a bit difficult to sign up when someone forgot to add it in the user interface, isnt it :wink:

Thanks for your reply, but when it will be solved?

Best regards.

Have you contacted support about that?

There is another thread with this topic. So now we have to wait.
Of course telling them about problem is vital because they are able to note how important it is :wink:

Anyone as solved that issues??

There’s a tip to solve?

I need to send money in a Puerto Rico Bank, but with Android it’s impossible…

4 updates but the issues it’s here…

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I know. Unfortunately it is not the only bug which still persists.
E.g. chart’s description …

Yes, I know but I think it’s Very important because people to need to send money can’t do it!!

Bruno Piras

Solved with the today’s update!!