Register for Revolut in Nigeria

Hello please I am a Nigerian how do I register on revolut I need to send money to my family in united kingdom.
Please can someone help me

Look for local services which also provides IBAN options, so you will be able to send them ££ :nerd_face:

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Go to and click on “Get a free account”.


Can I open Rovolut account with Nigeria number?

Hi @Timmyreign01 and welcome.
You may find this reference useful:

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I wanted to change country to United Kingdom but I don’t have UK mobile number

Thank you.
Please how long does it take to receive funds on Payoneer GBP receiving account from Revolut account?

I have no idea about Payoneer but I do know that transactions I make from a UK bank in GBP to :r: with the correct account details takes seconds :wink:

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Both Revolut and Payoneer use the Faster Payment service, so normally that means within seconds, although the official service level is “up to two hours”.

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Does it work in Uganda, when signing it doesn’t shown Uganda

Hi @Jamesjonathan and welcome
You may find [this reference] about countries where :r: is available useful.

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I am afraid to inform you that it doesnt work in uganda

Really thanks yet it works for our neighborhood country Kenya and Tanzania so bad l.