Regarding Revolut Premium fee


Hi everyone! Ive joined Revolut on the 22nd this month and it was written that first month is free. That, i will be charger 6.99 £ on the 22nd of January and guess what? I got charged yesterday on the 28. Since ive topped up the account with 10 pounds, ive been told that i can cancel the membership and that i will get a refund. Also, i was told that once i join again that first month will be free.....but since ive ordered a premium card, that i will be charged 10 pounds! So i will loose what ive putted in and start again from 0 ? I dont think its fair to write “First month free” and then u charge someone. I dont care about 6.99 £ but its more about principles…
Does anyone else has similar problem? I do like Revolut card as it will benefit me in the future its just this little thing. @AndreasK , could u please tell me what happened here?
Tnx for reading :slight_smile: .


It’s somewhere in their FAQs that they will charge you for the Premium Card if you cancel the Premium account in the first month.

The Premium Card has a special design that is not available to regular customers, as well too shipping of the Premium Card is free while the shipping of the regular card is not.


You are right regarding cancellation, but the thing is, i didn’t cancelled . I was expecting to be charged on the 22nd. But that’s life :wink: .


Hi there.

If you order a physical Revolut card within the first 14 days of upgrading and cancel your Premium membership during this time, a £10 delivery fee will be deducted from your Revolut account.

If you haven’t used any of the Premium services provided, and cancel within the 14 day period, no money (£0) will be deducted from your Revolut account.