I can see a lot of people are having some issues with refunds.
I now find myself in the same boat which is really annoying as my item was cancelled and wasn’t actually returned.

I’m still waiting for the funds to hit my bank account but it just hasn’t happened yet… I spoke to the business I ordered from however they told me funds never leave bank accounts until it has been dispatched.

So Revolut where’s my refund???


Is the transfer pending or complete? When did you place the order?


I placed the order Saturday, however the business said that the funds should of been pending and not taken out of my account. However when looking on my account there are not pending amounts only the sum taken out. He said it should of been put back as soon as the order was cancelled on Sunday


What does the transaction say? Is it pending or complete?


Sorry just realised what you meant.

It says pending.


I would advise you to wait, because even you call/text Support they will tell you wait.

Most times the merchant cancels the payment


Thank you for your advise - do you have an ETA oF waiting x


If it is only pending it has been only blocked but not withdrawn yet. It should return as soon as the vendor frees the amount respectively the latest within seven days.


Normally payments could be uo to 21days pending/reserved.

After that the payment return automatically to the customer.


The window is of up to 7 days AFAIK


Thank you everyone for your replies and help