Revolut when are you going to refund everyone who has suffered declined payments, only to then find that payments have been taken??
This is ridiculous and embarrassing and leaves us loyal customers completely in the dark. Also we do not know if next time we go to spend our own cash, the payment will fail, but our balance will continue to reduce.
Why are you not listening to us? You need a call centre so we can speak to a human, not wait endlessly for a text response on your bot chat.!!!
I want my money back and soon.
Do you really think we would recommend Revolut to anyone if this is what happens?!!!


Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Let me first apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you used a different card during the outage and faced FX transactions fees, please reach out our in-app support team & provide us with a statement showing the FX transactions fees applied by your bank and the relevant dates, we’re more than happy to refund them! Please note we cannot refund differences in the exchange rates your could have received.


Andreas K.