Refund uncredited card



as a society make a refund on my card. Excluding this one did not come on the account.

The company prove my refund well have the amount on the card.

How to do ?


Hello @christodu59,

I have looked into your account and the refund just reached your account.


Andreas K.


“just” :slight_smile:
as in, it was pushed now that @christodu59 complained

shouldnt this untracked/refunds transactions be signaled earlier on @revolut side of things?

I understand that it’s not easy to know to whom the money belongs if it doesnt have an account name to match or a reference, but still, the system needs to be seriously improved to handle this


Hello @AndreasK,

Thank you, I just watched the refund is to arrive on 10.27.2016. His took time because the company did refund the 10.14.2016.

Here’s what the company had sent:


Refund are processed automatically by the system after the merchant’s release.


Hi there. Same problem here too @AndreasK. claims to have completed the refund process (I canceled an order the other days). Revolut Customer support informed me yesterday, that I will have all the amount (155.98 in US dollars) until the end of the day. As you can understand, I have received nothing so far…
Any clue about what’s next? No status information, no nothing in the application.