Refund probleme


I think Revolute has a problem with the refunds, a service my confirmed that he made a refund there are more than 48 hours, but I still do not see anything in my account, can you help me please .

Thank you

Hey @josef214 :slight_smile:

Refunds, as with many other banks / financial services providers, can take a few days to show up :wink:

Thanks Juliopp for the answer,:wink:

I’ll wait then :pensive:

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I think that Revolut recently became very slow in processing refunds: I used to receive refunds 1 day after it was processed by Paypal. I’m now waiting for 3 days and still no refund. This also happened to me a few days ago, I had to wait 4 days before getting the refund.

@josef214 did you receive your refund yet?

@AndreasK I’m still waiting for PayPal refund since the 22nd of April. I used to receive them in my account in 1 business day. Did anything change regarding the way Revolut process the refunds?