Refund my topup

I put in £25 to a Revolut account in order to purchase bitcoins however, the app is demanding a £6.99 monthly fee which I do not wish to pay and I want my funds back into my card. Do not want anything to do with this app anymore.

You do not need to upgrade to premium. Just click on the Crypto icon and you will have it unlocked soon.

I am on the crypto icon and it says go premium or invite friends.

Verify your account please and try again.

Thats the problem, I am not able to verify my account right now which is why I’d rather have my funds back into my card. This app is so frustrating.

Why are you not able to verify your account?

Cryptocurrency unlocked and exchanged my gbp into btc, how can I transfer this btc to another wallet?

You can’t. Maybe you should check help first.

nvm, I just want to refund my money.

Have you tried Payments -> To bank account?

You can transfer out as @zapata suggests however, you need to verify your account.

Revolut requires me to bloody verify to do anything! Is there anyway to refund the topup from this stupid app?

Yes - verify your account

Are you a toddler?

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So my moneys been sucked? @Zapata you’re no help at all. Why doesn’t this app make you verify when its taking your money rather than when YOU need to use your OWN funds.

No offense, but are you familiar with the acronym RTFM? There is a lot of documentation available on the Revolut site that explains everything you have asked about. And there’s no need to insult the product or the people behind it, just because YOU don’t read the guides.

It’s a security practice that Revolut verifies who they are doing business with. And as the link from @zapata states, they are required to do so. So I honestly don’t know where the problem is

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On this issue I am afraid I have to agree with the OP. I already said it many times and will do so again, Revolut should not accept top-ups until an account has been verified. @AndreasK, is there some way to escalate that bit to the management so they consider a change of that policy?

That being said, simply verify your account. Its not that difficult. If you had done this from the start you might already have a fully functioning account.

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Yep I agree with you also.