Refund missing (rental car) (RESOLVED)


I’ve been a happy customer of Revolut for a bit more than year now. I even invested in the company via the campaign on Seedrs. However, a recent experience has left me quite perplex.

So here’s what happened: I rented a car and paid an initial deposit of 250 euros. I damaged the car and lost the deposit and I needed to pay another 600 euros to cover the franchise. I used my Revolut card to make the complement.

I wasn’t responsible for the damage to the car so the rental company refunded me the entire 850 euros to my Revolut card.

I have an email exchange with the company asking me which card to use for the refund and then confirming the refund.

But here’s the catch: Revolut only processed 600 euros (basically what matched the original charge). I reached out to customer service, sent all the emails but they refused to refund me the remaining 250 euros - they want an official proof of payment indicating the Revolut card.

Of course, I reached out to the rental car for the proof but they are not really responsive (and why should they, they did their part).

So not sure what to do, am I supposed to let Revolut keep these 250 euros? There must a be trace somewhere of this 850 euros payment to my card. I don’t understand why they are not willing to investigate.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Many thanks,

God! This community is not for personal problems! There is inapp support for that, you can use twitter to drop them a message, but this community doesnt need to know for every single situation everyone got himself into…

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I used the in-app chat and they didn’t want to help further. Hence the public message.

Hey, @revodrago :slight_smile:

According to the first post ever made in the community, that was made by @revolut3

So I think the problem posted is valid.

Apart from that, @kevinlg, have you considered raising this issue to an official complaint?
You can do so by clearly specifying that you want to file a complaint through the in-app support chat :wink:


Thanks @Juliopp

I didn’t know this - I will give it a try!

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Does anyone have the link to the complaint form or is it a unique link provided by the customer care agent?

I reached out to Revolut through the in-app chat but they haven’t replied… This is really becoming a joke.


Hey @kevinlg :slight_smile:

The following link has been previously shared on the forum, not officially though:

Thanks @Juliopp

I have sent a complaint, let’s see what happens.