Refund Issues


I transfered 5000 CHF to my Revolut card from my business account. Revolut did not accept the money, thats fine. But until now they did not refund to me, that is after 3 weeks…
this should be banking of the future?
it is just one Nightmare. Support is completly useless.


3 weeks for refund? This is unbelievable? What did the in-chat support said about that?


they only say i have to be patient…
no repsonse was really helpfull


Hey there, @aloisk

You should remove your personal information from here! :frowning:
Otherwise, it will be available for the whole internet…


issue now resolved after 3 week. when i started to post the issue my claim got escalated and they finally transferred th funds to my revolut account which was not allowed until now.

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