Refund Issues (RESOLVED)



As much as I like Revolut… there are issues with refunds. I spoke several times with your chat support but my issue is still unresolved. I keep getting the same response that the payment did not arrive on my account yet but I find this hard to believe after a month. There must have gone something wrong at Revolut. It is frustrating that I don’t get the refunds credited to my account while I have this problem with 2 different merchants from which I have received proof from one that the money was transferred. Please take a look into this rather than getting the same message that you don’t see it in the account.

  • I should have gotten 2 refunds of ASOS but I only received one

  • I received only one refund from Gymshark of 20 pounds while I have proof from Gymshark and from their payment processor Ingenico that 2 seperate payments have been refunded to my revolut mastercard on 2 seperate days. So I don’t understand how they cant’ be on my mastercard ?

Again I’m happy with Revolut in general but this issue is kinda frustrating and having me second thoughts on using the service more in the future.

Thank you in advance for helping me out.


Same issue here as well. I had a merchant issue a refund way back in May and the money never showed back up either.


Same issue here, too. The refund delayed enough from Paypal to Revolut Mastercard, although paypal had already logged the transaction. After about 20 days I decided to communicate Revolut online customer support. In next minutes the refund was credited on Revolut. It looks that something was stuck.


Glad to hear your issue got sorted out. Unfortunately I’m still waiting to get my issues resolved. Up to date still no feedback on my refunds while I’m certain it was deposited on the account from Revolut (received proof from ingenico, payment processor)


credit to whom it deserves; Asos refund problem got resolved by customer care support. Apparently was a bug in the app so one down one issue to go :slight_smile:


All issues have been resolved. Thank you for taking care of this.


This is really worrying. I’m waiting for around £700 yo be refunded. I cannot wait several months. On a regular card I’d expect to wait 3-5 days. I’m on day 4. I’m giving it until tomorrow before I contact Revolut again.


Hi, I have a similar problem - I sent myself money from my Revolut account to my bank account and the receiving back returned the payment because it didn’t accept the currency. I sent the money on the 13th May 2017 and I still haven’t received the returned money. Revolut claims the money was received in my account but in reality, nothing has arrived. I think Revolut has a serious problem in this regard. I have the impression that there isn’t a clear marking of where the money should be returned to in case it needs to be returned and it stays hanging in the air somewhere…please do something about it! When will I have my money back?


I’m having the same issue. Currently on the 10th working day. Still no refunds available


I am having the same issue, two refunds are stuck, one since 2 weeks ago another since 3 days and I was wondering what I need to do to get them. I am trying to get in touch with support but they barely answer not even after several hours waiting. Is there another way to get in touch with Revolut team to claim for this?


I am having a similar issue - two refunds have been issued to my card, one on the 11th, the other on the 13th. It’s now the 28th and nothing is showing on my card in the app. Is it a case where I need to contact support for them to manually fix the problem?