Refund from hotel requires fax number for bank


I recently stayed at a hotel who overcharged me for my bill. They agreed to make a refund but I got a message from them saying…

“Re: reversing the amount to your credit card.
Teller, the handling company for credit cards, need the fax number to your bank for reversing the amount.
Please send the fax number to us.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Have a nice day!”

Does anyone know if there is a fax number for Revolut and if not what response I should give to the hotel?

thanks, Steve


Hm, usually, all a merchant has to do is tell his payment provider to make a refund with one’s card details he already has in his system. The refund is then channeled through Mastercards network and should appear in your account eventually (there are guidelines from Mastercard for refunds.)

But that does not help you much since the hotel already told you that their payment provider needs additional informations. I guess I would contact Revolut’s support since Revolut uses payment processors on their end, Revolt is not the issuer of the card.


That’s a really unusual request from the handling company I think.


Maybe they used an old school credit card imprinter :slight_smile:


Didn’t seem like an old school imprinter. Will try support but not get a lot of response at the moment. Some response ten hours after I asked the question and then closed within a minute as I wasn’t online. Doesn’t seem to be any support at the moment.


Yeah, I was just kidding. Could be still some sort of “offline presentment”, where they save credit card details and hand it over to the payment processor “manually”, like sending them a fax or a file. Nowadays with computer booking systems and POS terminals, a refund takes hardly more than a click with the mouse and a manager’s password for approval.

Have you thought about asking the hotel to refund you the money just with a regular bank transfer, bypassing all the payment processors?

My experience with all bank customer support centres is they are more responsive first thing in the morning. It is worst at weekends and after 5 pm during the week.


Yep I was just coming round to doing a bank transfer. This may be the easiest thing if they can do it - which they surely should be able to…