Referrals not registering

Hello sorry not sure where to post this

I see other topics but they are closed

I have referred 4 people, only 2 of them have bumped me up the queue. And I watched them download the app and sign up.

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Ask in-app support (type live agent in chat window, then describe them the situation). They will help you for sure.

I’m in the US, the only screen available is the referral screen…

I don’t know how the app in US looks like :no_mouth:, but you can always contact them by Twitter :grin:

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Revolut is not yet available for US customers. :frowning:

You’re right @Frank but referring bumps US users in queue

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Yes, that’s the screen I’m seeing that let’s me refer/invite people to the
app, Frank.

Thanks Redi. I’m going to wait to get a response here hopefully within the
next couple days. They seem to be pretty good with response time.

Feel free to wait here. If you don’t want to wait- use Twitter.:wink:

Hi Rvolut,

Could you send me via private message your phone number? I’ll check in our system.


Hello How do I private message you

Click on my name ValScholz and a small window should show up. Click there on Message. Thanks

Yeah, I tried several times. No options to message. I made a message here at the bottom and tried to send it to @ValScholz but it says I can’t private message that user. lmao you cant message me? Come on, guys. It’s attached to my profile here what my number is. I responded to the @discobot including your name in the message with my numbers. Guess that doesn’t work either -__-

Hi @Rvolut, as a new member here, you don’t have access to direct messages. You need to be active for at least 24 hours. However, I’ve changed the settings for you so you should be able to send a direct message to @ValScholz now.

Mind doing the same for me so I can message @ValScholz? I’m having the same issue. Thanks!

Having the same issue and I was told on Twitter there was nothing that could be done…

Sure! Go for it!! :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same referral issue, although I’ve just created my account. Could you do the same for me so I could send a message ? Thanks !

I’m facing the same issue. I’ve done some research on this and here are my results.

Let’s suppose I invite my friend George. George has an Android device and clicks on my invitation link. A list of programs appear, asking George how to “open” the link. If George chooses Play Store from the list and downloads and installs Revolut app, then he’s correctly registered as a referral of mine.

But if George doesn’t choose Play Store or this option is not available to him, he opens the invitation link with a browser app. The browser app redirects him to the Play Store app where he downloads and installs the Revolut app from. This way, George isn’t registered as a referral of mine.

If George had previously selected to always open links with the browser app, then he doesn’t get any app options to open the link with. That’s because the browser app is registered in his Android device as the default app to open links.


Hi, i have invited 2 friends, 1 is on the list and second i don’t see but in contacts i see is registered. I will unblock crypro currecny.

This seems to be exactly what is happening. Not sure if you guys have got a response, I gave them my information but nothing has changed/no word since then. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Revolut seems to be the best product right now for crypto banking if I could just get my hands on it