referrals for getting the crypto feature not working.

I want to use revolut as my bitcoin wallet. I cant afford the premum sub, and saw that if you get 3 singups, you get the feature.

So I got 3 signups with my referal code which I looked on the app under the refer friend section.

But I did not get the cryto features enabled.

Now I see that not only do you have to sign up 3 people, but you have to sign them up through a special URL which is different from your normal referral url (it has “!crypto” appended to the end)_

This is very underhanded - now I would have to sign up 6 people to get this as it did not say anything about a new referral code specific to the feature.

I dont know 6 people who could use revolut, so now I am suck. I have to stick with coinbase, and their charges (which are similar to the revolut monthly charge overall, so no point in going premium for this).