Referral didn't register

Hi, I referred a friend, by sending her my referral link via facebook chat. She clicked the link and downloaded the app immediately, and proceeded to complete the registration process entirely.

I haven’t been credited with referring her. Is there something wrong with the referral system?

Thank you

In revolut app the are two possibilities to create referral link.
First- general (in more section):

Second- which is used for having crypto (more> cryptocurrencies)

Are you sure you’ve used proper link?
Anyway- contact in-app support.

Mate, it’s a simple http referral link.

Australia is in the preregistration stage. However it clearly says to bump yourself up in the queue, refer a friend.

Hahaha, so it means that, at least for me, your description wasn’t clear :yum:.
But my tip is still the same- contact via in-app support :grin:

I don’t have access to in-app support. Probably due to preregistration stage.

The above screenshots are literally the only two screens I can access, apart from the PIN entry screen.

Thanks for you effort @redi

@AndreasK Could you help our colleague?
@wodtha remember-you can always ask for help via DM on Twitter

Hi there. Where are you based?

Hi @AndreasK . In Australia. Friend is based in Australia too. Just trying to bump myself up in the queue, by referring my friend. As per the phone screenshots above.

Hi there. Due to demand the queue is currently malfunctioning. We are happy to note down your names and make sure you’re some of our first users!

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Hi, I’ve used my referral to get 2 users signed up, when I was at 170th position in the queue:

However, my place in the queue is still 170. Those 2 guys I got signed up are also on the queue.

In total I got 4 people signed up, but I got benefits worth only 2.

Where are you based?

I am based out at Tokyo, Japan.

Hey guys, were you able to find out why my referrals are not helping me bump the queue?

Are you bale to send me a direct message?

Hi I am based in Australia, I have referred a new user who signed up through my referral however it didn’t bump me up in the queue. can you please have a look what the issue is?