Reference text for bank transfer or transfer confirmation document?

I wonder if is it possible to send money from revolut to some bank account with adding some reference text so the recipient will know who sent him this money?
If its not possible then maybe there is a way to get some document confirming money went from me to this recipient? Some kind of downloadable pdf.

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Unfortunately you cannot add any reference text at the moment. However, you can request a transfer confirmation by contacting our support team.


Andreas K.

Thank you Andreas for answer. Is transfer confirmation free or there is some fee for that?

Yes it is free, showing that the transfer has been dispatched.

Information for other forum users: and only available no sooner than 48h after transactions has been requested.

Hi, is it still not possible to add reference text? I added text reference in the bank transfer, but I am unclear if this text goes to the recipient? I have asked chat support, but no answer yet.

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Would love to see that feature already!

Hi there. Really like the look of what you guys are doing but I also need to be able to provide a reference for SEPA transfers for my use case. Hopefully this feature will be added in the future.