Reference Number

I forgot to add my reference number to an international transaction a week ago (30821135)

Is it possible to add the reference number at this stage?

No. Is the transaction already complete?

Yes, the transaction is completed from my bank in Abu Dhabi, without the transaction number.

I’m trying to make contact with support on the 24/7 chat but no joy.

Any tips?

Just to clarify, I haven’t received my transferred money yet as a result.

Hang on a sec, your message sounded like you were transferring from Revolut. Are you saying it is a tranfer to Revolut?

Yes, it was a transfer to Revolut from my Abu Dhabi account. Sorry!

Yes, it was a transfer to Revolut from my Abu Dhabi account. Sorry!

Assuming all the other data was correct and you only missed the reference number, Revolut is likely to have received the funds but cant assign them due to the missing number. You will need to contact support to get this sorted out.

Simply provide support a receipt of the transfer that shows the account no, amount and name of the outgoing account. They can then allocate the transfer manually to your account.

I also forgot to add the reference number when transferring for my Revolut account.
Also for beneficiary instead of REVOLUT LTD, LONDON, UK I put down my own name.
The money has been removed from my personal bank account, but hasn’t arrived to my Revolut account. What should I do?


I am having problems in finding my reference number in my Revolut account. I am trying the making a payment from my Revolut account where the organisation I am trying to make the payment to is looking for a reference number/payment reference?

Would anyone be able to help me? Thank you!