Reference number

I did bank transfer from my greek account to my Revolut account,as stupid I was,I forgot the reference number,will be there any problem?how can I fix it ?

Many :r: users do that :wink:
Just write them via in-app chat and they’ll assign this transfer to your account manually.
Of course be prepared to send them your bank’s statement.

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And since the reconciliation process is manual it may take a few additional days.

But as explained by @redi be assired that your money isn’t lost :slight_smile:

I have similar problem I did bank transfer from Revolut account to other bank and forgot reference number. They want now confirmation of that payment with information about account number where money goes and transaction number. How can I get it on Revolut?

I don’t understand : the reference number is not needed when you transfer money FROM :r:, it’s only needed to received money on your :r account.

Whats is your Bank telling you?