Reference number not provided

I have not put a reference number using a transfer from Transferwise. What can I do?

Tranferwise told me to contact you directly.

Contact support via in app chat. They can allocate the transfer manually, like explained in the FAQs. :wink:

Thanks for the reply Frank, I have tried to contact them but I am not getting a response, not even from Rita.

I am a premium user so I expected to still receive a response after 10pm.

Just tried Ritabot and works fine :slight_smile:
Try to type :

That doesn’t seem to work for me. I had some previous correspondence with Estera however that was finalised.

In my experience communicating with support is most efficient when one states everything necessary for them to solve the problem for you without getting back all the time. Don’t chat with them, inform them what you want them to do and provide them with everything necessary right away. In your case, I would write that I forgot the reference in a transfer from IBAN XYZ … , name of account holder (or whatever appears as the sender when using Transferwise), to the Revolut IBAN 123 … with the amount of 123 EUR, and ask them to find and allocate the money. I would also add a screenshot or some sort of receipt from the outgoing source that confirms the details.

I also guess that it does not make sense for them to investigate before the transfer arrived at Revolt’s end. So I would wait with my inquiry about a working day or two after initiating the transfer, depending on the method of transfer.

So when my wife opens support, she gets Ritabot, but when I open it, I get my previous conversation record. Is there any way to get reboot this?

You could try and type “Resolved”. This might end your previous enquiry and allow you to say something new.