Reference number forgotten for a transfer


Hello, I made my first transfer from my french account to my Revolut account but i forgot to type the reference number (10659259). My french account has been debited of 150€ but my revolut account is still not credited. I have contacted the online support in the application that can not help me and that transfers me to a “live agent”. What does it mean? What must I do now? I have provided proof of the transfer and I am now told that the beneficiary must be Revolut LTD otherwise the money returns to the sender … so where do I write the reference number?Thank you for your help.

transfer issue


if the Beneficiary is not REVOLUT LTD the transfer will be rejected.

The reference number must go into the reference / purpose field. Some banks call if different.

Hope that helps you out.



Thank you for your help, I understand now and I will not make the same mistake next time.


A small message to tell you that my transfer problem has been resolved by the support. The transfer has not been canceled and returned to my usual bank account but has been credited to my Revolut account despite my beginner errors … Thanks to the support and the community members for their help.