Reference data for outgoing bank transfers


When you make an outgoing payment to a business as bank transfer, is there a way to add reference to the payment (e.g. invoice number etc.). If not, this would be good to add as it is a small but very important piece of data as part of the payment.


This post shows the place to add the reference text:


Ah, ok. I just did not see it. On my phone (ios) it is super close to the send button making it nearly impossible to select that field. I could only do by opening magnifier to ensure I would not hit the send button accidentally instead.


Hmm seems weird as the screenshot was taken on an iPhone 8


mine is 5C, maybe there just isn’t enough real state due to numeric keyboard. I wish the design was a bit different. This makes it very easy to hit Send when you want to add reference. The touch target should be little larger for the field


@AndreasK Should be easy enough to fix :slight_smile: