Reduced amount arrived - reason untraceable

I made a banktransfer of 170 USD and only arrived 107 USD (from my Revolut USD account to a USD bank account in Ecuador). Before transfering the money I checked the system by transfering smaller amounts (20 USD) and it worked, no deduction. I really don’t understand where my 63 USD went. Both Revolut and the bank say it’s not their fault. Very disappointing. :frowning:

With international SWIFT transfers, intermediary banks are involved. They sometimes charge flat fees, or percentages. And fees can vary depending on the amount sent.


Hey @madseason :slight_smile:

Taking Lloyds’ fee schedule as a reference (consider these are not the official fees, but the ones from a random bank, used just for exemplification purposes)…

  • Sent: 170 USD ~ 120 GBP
    • (-) intl. transfer fee (9.5 GBP)
      • 158 USD ~ 111.5 GBP
    • (-) correspondent bank fee (20 GBP)
      • 130 USD ~ 91.5 GBP
    • (-) exchange rate fee (3.2%)
      • 126 USD ~ 88.5 GBP
    • (-) receiving fee (10 USD in most ecuadorian banks)
      • 116 USD

So you can easily imagine how you get to that amount. Receiving fees are even higher in some other banks, including some from Mexico (30 USD in Bancomer)


Thanks @Juliopp !
Your explanation was really useful. I wish Revolut would be more clear about these issues. I based my expectations on my experiences with the smaller amounts, shouldn’t have :slight_smile:
Personal conclusions: use Revolut only for card payments, or small amount transfers if you’d like to escape those exaggerated fees!
Thanks once again.

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