Recurring payments to Revolut user


Hi there. When setting up recurring payments the option is given to send to a Revolut user directly. But never works, giving an error. See image.

Can you change the error if it’s simply not implemented just yet? :slight_smile:



Hey @sfkc :slight_smile:

Are both you and him/her fully verified? :wink:


Does that mean this feature actually works? Support just dismissed me and said the feature itself didn’t work yet with no ETA. I can fully verify no problem and get my brother to do the same. But I am only trying to send maybe 20 euro, nothing astronomical :slight_smile:


Yes, it works. I’ve been using it for a few months…


Just so anyone that comes across this knows, I have opened a ticket and there is a bug being investigated by the Revolut technical team. Both myself and the target user are both verified and Premium.

All the best, Shane.