Recurring payments to Revolut user


Hi there. When setting up recurring payments the option is given to send to a Revolut user directly. But never works, giving an error. See image.

Can you change the error if it’s simply not implemented just yet? :slight_smile:




Hey @sfkc :slight_smile:

Are both you and him/her fully verified? :wink:



Does that mean this feature actually works? Support just dismissed me and said the feature itself didn’t work yet with no ETA. I can fully verify no problem and get my brother to do the same. But I am only trying to send maybe 20 euro, nothing astronomical :slight_smile:

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Yes, it works. I’ve been using it for a few months…



Just so anyone that comes across this knows, I have opened a ticket and there is a bug being investigated by the Revolut technical team. Both myself and the target user are both verified and Premium.

All the best, Shane.



In case anyone still has issues, what fixed this issue for me was adding a prefix to my contact’s number.

For some reason ordinary payments work, but recurring payments won’t “guess” my contact’s correct prefix.

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I had only a bug that cause:
If you would like to set a recurring payment from today (actual day) it will not working…
It will working only from next day (tomorrow).
So we should always set the recurring payment days from tomorrow (D+1).

But the recurring payment works perfectly at my side for a while. I pay my flat overhead (common cost) with my Revolut account.

And YES! We have to always save all phone numbers with correct prefix (+36, +44, etc).