Recurring Payments - more options


I get paid every 4 weeks and would like to have my wages paid directly into Revolut, however I need payments to go into other bank accounts on payday. This is easy enough to set up with my current bank but revolut only has a weekly and monthly option.

I would be good to have and option that let’s you do recurring payments every xx days.


Hey @Azz19 :slight_smile:

There is not. You would have to manually log in every 4 weeks whenever you receive the notification and withdraw the funds (which would take around 3 minutes monthly, or less than an hour of yearly effort). :r: can not be set up to forward every payment to another account as it’s not meant to be a bridge between accounts but an account itself :thinking:

However, if your balance is going to be €/£/$ 0.00 all the time, you can set a recurring weekly transaction that will fail 3 times a month and work one time. This should do the trick except if the wage comes in late :wink:


I would like to use it as an actual account instead of a bridge. Ideally I would want use revolut as my main bank account and do all my spending from it but there are certain things that I have come out of my other bank accounts and would like to continue using them for these expenses.

I was hoping that by posting here would the company would see the need for more flexibility with setting up recurring payments. Is there any other ways I could communicate this with revolut?


Hey @Azz19 :slight_smile:

I guess the forum itself is a great way to offer feedback and ideas like the idea you posted :smile:

However, you can suggest this change to :r: through Twitter or Facebook too :wink:


Hi there. Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: I’ve passed it on!