Recurring payment reference

Whilst it is possible to add a reference to a one off bank transfer in Revolut, it is not possible to add a reference to recurring payments.

As there is currently no option for direct debits or standing orders, Revolut should at least add a reference option for recurring payments.


I can add reference without any problem

That looks like the page for just setting up a payment - not a recurring payment. My suggestion is for the same option for when setting up a recurring payment.

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No, it was recurring payment to another revolut’s user.
Here you have recurring payment to bank account:

Thanks for this. I wonder why mine is different.

Are you a premium user?

Maybe it’s GBP…

No, I’m not. I’ve checked it for EUR and CHF too.
In both cases there is possibility to add reference…
Could you take a screenshot from your app?

Hi Redi, I’ve tried getting Support to help with this too and they have failed to provide a solution that enables recurring payments in GBP to include a reference and to show as coming from an account in my name (it’s all from the cloud).

I’ve decided to set up an account with cashplus for my recurring payments.

I will still use Revolut for currency exchange though.

Thanks for trying help anyway.

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I have also noticed that it’s not possible to add a reference number to a recurring payment in CZK currency. I’d like to use Revolut for monthly loan payments, it would be perfect for it, but this way, the loan company cannot identify my payment. Will try Revolut support today.