Recurrent paiment & Planned paiement


I really need thoses 2 function to be able to use correctly Revolut

  1. Be able to create a recurrent paiement (for exemple : pay 1000.- every month/week… to X…)
  2. Be able to plan a paiment (for exemple : I want to send 100.- to x but not today, I want the paiement to be done next week)

Paypal Verification code on Revolut Account

SEPA direct debits and standing orders not currently supported at the current stage.

However, definitely an interesting idea. Wouldn’t be surprised if Revolut implements this in the future.


Actualy I don’t think this linked with SEPA.,
It’s just a possibility to configure the paiment inside Revolut (like it is possible in every swiss bank and also with N26) then SEPA is just used to proceed the virement


SEPA direct debit?

Paypal Verification code on Revolut Account