Recovering funds from a deleted account


I created a secondary GBP account when I first started with Revolut and after trialing out the features I deleted it and maintained my primary GBP account. However, I forgot about this and just transferred a pretty decent sum from my traditional business account into the deleted one. What options do I have? Is there a procedure to restore deleted currency accounts? Do I need to work with the sender bank to initiate a recall?


Hello @paul2018 !

I have noticed a top up hitting your account same day you reported the issue.
If it is not the transfer in question by any chance, please feel free to contact our support so we can investigate it in more detail. Hoping it is all good though!


Yes, everything got sorted just fine. Looks like even if I deleted the additional GBP account, once it received funds it became active again and I could access it properly. Thanks for keeping an eye!