Recover the removed card and 3D secure

Hi, I had trobule with 3d secure during topping-up my REVOLUT card. I’ve got the advice from Live agent that I should re-add my revolut card, so I removed my physical card it and now I ca’t add it again. Now I don’t have any card.
I’m waiting almost 24 hours, any agents doesn’t response for my query.
@AndreasK or @JessicaZ could You help me or escalate my issue chat?
I’d like to get my physical card back. I am stuck without card.

Hey Pawal. I am sure the agent meant you had to remove and re-add your top up card and not your Revolut Physical Card. However Support should be able to re-add it to your account and make it work.


Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.

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Thanks, You were right, I got back my card through the support.

Thanks, my problem has been resolved partly. I have still problem with 3D secure.
After I re-added my top-up card, 3D secure works only for the first top up transaction. After I confirm my card for the first time (in 3D secure step) each next top up operation is making without 3D secure verification (topping up will make immiedately).

I think it can be global problem. I ask my two friends who using revolut and 3d secure too and they have the same problem as me. They use service in other Banks than me. and they also have different cards (VISA, MasterCard) so this problem doesn’t depend on Card supervisor (vendor) or Bank.
Some time ago 3D secure authorization works fine (at Revolut). What’s happened?

@AndreasK, did You fixed the 3D secure issue? Have You read my previous post?

It is with the first numbers of top ups only. Now I can top up without 3D. Other with my mTAN Visa. :slight_smile: funny enough.

Hi, i would like to re-add a removed card in order to prove to a national company where I used to use the card that i was the owner of the card. I have lost the physical card therefore i don’t have the card number :frowning: How can i do this? thanks a lot for your fast reply!