Recover the account after theft


I hope you can answer this simple question that your collegue couldn’t.
It is A very simple question.
Let’s start from this.
You don’t have any other bank account. You decide to open revolut account. You earn 3000 euros on your revolut ok ? It is money from the payment of many clients, ok ? Someone steal you card and phone.
Easy as that. You block the account. How do you access/get back to that money? My belief is that once you get a new phone you restore the account you will be able to access again that money that were kind of “frozen”. You collegue instead was saying, it will be sent back to your “not-revolut- linked bank account”. So HOW is that once possible if I have no other account except revolut?
Could you confirm my belief or not? Who has right? How can I access that money again? Thank you. Please explain the in detail. I believe it will be simply restored once you I log in into a new phone and block the old. Let me know in detail please!!!


this is correct, you would set your account back up on your new phone. the money would not be returned to the point of origin.


Could you explain this restore process in detail? Secondly, if you re-enable the account the thief (assuming he has the code or brutal force it) can access again?


the process is no different if you were to lose any bank card and your phone.
you would need to re-link the app to your new phone number and get issued with a new card.
may be worth you reading the FAQ’s if you want all the details.


I keep receiving no answer. Holy crap. No way to block him without locking myself too? Please answer this question precise question. READ CAREFULLY:
IF HE KNOWS THE PASSWORD AND HAS MY PHONE CAN I LOCK HIM OUT/PREVENT THE THEFT WITHOUT LOCKING MY SELF OUT TOO ON THE NEW PHONE? ANSWER THIS question. Please. Don’t answer stupid things… Please read precisely answer only either " Yes there is a way to lock him out and get your money account working again on a new phone" or either answer " No, if he know the password and has the old phone you will lose your money or lock the account for yourself too so you can’t access your account money anymore"
Please answer only ONE OF THE TWO ANSWERS. sorry I asked 30 times everywhere. please PICK ONE!


First, this is a user community. So no reason to be harsh if other users try to help you and you are not happy with the informations provided.

Second, accounts can’t be blocked by users. You wrote that you blocked your account. But all what a user can do is block a card. That’s a difference.

Regarding a new phone: do you have a new number? Then install the app on the new phone, tap “changed number” on the welcome screen and start from there. Are you keeping the same number? Then log in with this number and your app PIN. You can then change the app PIN if you think it is compromised. Logging in with your known log in details does not unblock anything for someone else (because there wasn’t anything blocked in the first place).


Ok, I can send you TWO weeks of chat keep asking “A” AND getting “B” as answer.
Why it is so hard to have an answer to such IMPORTANT and basic question?
I reapeat for the 1000000 time:

  • a guy steals my phone and knows my pin.
    -the live agent answered this stupid answer:"
    You have two options and In Both cases you lost the money.
    Option1: you lock your account, so both you and the theft can’t access your money anymore forever.
    Option2: you keep the account unlocked and he steals your money.
    I said GREAT!
    HE answered “well you are protected by the 4digit, unless he knows it, in that case yeah, both options you lost the money”

AND this is your plane in managing the people’s money? Holy crap.


Please do not refer to me like I am working for Revolut. I am a user like you. If you would be able to put your anger aside and read closely what I said, you would have all informations to recover your account.

If someone already cleared your account, go to police. If you are just hesitant in logging in on a new device, there is no reason to, like I explained. Logging in does not unlock an account. And once you logged in, you can easily change the app PIN. I believe I addressed two things you were explicitly asking about.


Read the two options provided by the customer care. Can you confirm them? Could you read them too @AndreasK ?

@Frank if you change the pin and he discover it too? After few wrong pin attempts something happens or not? If I log on the new phone with my old account, will the account be unlinked from the old phone? Can I block my account with a call or via web? Do I need to get a new phone, it takes a lot of time! No faster way?


jesus… some people are to stupid for everything! -.-


You mean the customer service, right. 2 weeks of no answers.


I’m sorry, I can’t confirm anything a 3rd party said based on something you‘ve quoted.

I would do this immediately: change app PIN, and block the card. Order a new SIM and tell the cellphone provider to delete/block the old stolen SIM. (Or change phone number if that’s preferred.)

This way, an account can’t be acccessed. Number and PIN are not enough to log in, reset a password or install the app on a new device. One needs also access to SMS codes sent to the registered number. That is prevented when the stolen SIM is blocked.


My nasty me would agree with you :wink: my not-so-nasty one would argue one should necessarily call other people stupid.

But purely from a factual standpoint, how did the OP manage to lose his phone and have the thief know every single code, pin, and password? That is the equivalent of scribbling down the card’s pin on the back of the very card.

On top of that showing a particular attitude here on the forum. :roll_eyes:


I feel there’s no escape from this master criminal. Just accept the loss of money and move on.


How can I move on? You didn’t read what the customer service said. You are doing like them :frowning: so frustrating… it is 3 weeks…
to @alessandro Did you ever heard about brute-forcing :wink: or simply someone might see you ? And the pin is not the point. The point is that Revolut MUST provide a recovery process if the fatality happens that someone steals your phone and get your pin. YOU should be able to block in a way! there MUST be a way to prevent this, by law.

Please Read again the terrible answer from the customer service:
a guy steals my phone and knows my pin.
-the live agent answered this stupid answer:"
You have two options and In Both cases you lost the money.

Option1: you lock your account, so BOTH YOU( please read BOTH!!!) and the theft can’t access your money anymore forever. ---->So you lost your money.

Option2: you keep the account unlocked and he steals your money.

I said GREAT!

This means there is no way to save you money from a guy that know your pin and has you phone BEFORE HE tries to steal them. You can’t block anything. Recover nothing. Nothing of nothing.

Please read 30 times the GRAVITY of this dialogue.


That must be one patient thief :wink:

Also, brute forcing your card’s and your phone’s PIN? The former would not even work as the ATM would keep the card and the latter might not work either, depending on how the application handles it.


There is a recovery process. It’s in the FAQ’s and it’s been posted here in detail what you should do. Your frustration seems to be driven by a lack of understanding of that process. I can’t see much more any of the forum community can do for you.


Hi there. You can always contact us to block the device & change the phone number linked to your account.

However, it’s impossible for someone to find your 4 digits code. There are 10,000 possible combinations that the digits 0-9 can be arranged to form a 4-digit pin code. For each choice of the first two digits you have 10 choices for the third digit. Thus you have 10x10x10 = 1000 choices for the first three digits. Finally you have 10 choices for the fourth digit and thus there are 10x10x10x10 = 10 000 possible 4 digit combinations from 0-9.


I wouldnt say impossible, but unlikely. It also depends on how the application and/or backend reacts when the code is entered incorrectly several times.

Or more simple, 0000 - 9999 = 10,000 numbers = 10,000 combinations :slight_smile:


Just as an aside…

Someone acquiring your mobile unlock pin number (by fair means or fowl) is hard to avoid… but did you know that some % of peeps also use the same pin for the revolut app and their cards.

But of course no one here would ever be that dum … :thinking: