Recipient in USA identity verification


In early October I successfully sent GBP from UK to someone in USA, who received it in USD account there, no problem at all. Then on 24 November I tried to send USD from UK to the same person in USA with exactly the same contact details. Unfortunately he omitted to click the link immediately so when he did so on 8 Dec, it had expired. So then I tried to send again on 8 Dec, the same amount to him but this time in GBP from UK. He clicked the link from Revolut the same day but this time it refused to work for him, not on phone or desktop; it always moves him back through the steps to enter his address again. He tried to download the app but it says ‘not available in USA’. So, I just tried again today, 10 Dec, to send GBP from UK but now the app simply says ‘money transfer failed’ and says to ‘ask the recipient to verify their identity so that they can receive funds’. My question: how is he supposed to verify his identity when he is caught in a loop on the website?
NB. This query has also been raised on the in app support desk.


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that. Have you tried to proceed with a normal bank transfer through the app instead of sending a link?

In the meantime could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Andreas K


Hi AndreasK

I have just made the bank transfer, as you suggested, and it was
successful. But this meant I had to obtain bank details from the recipient
in USA, which involved an extra step. It seemed so simple the first time I
’sent money’ to the same person. I only had to know his mobile phone number
and email address in USA and he controlled the other end of the
transaction. Can you tell me why this method no longer works? I would like
to know for future reference, since I may want to send money in future to
people whom I cannot approach so easily for their confidential bank account



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