Recent contact not present in the list

Hi guys, i have noticed a bug on the app (i’m on iOS, last version of app ) : I always split my bills and send / receive money with my partner on Revolut but his contact is never present in the list of recent contacts, So I always have to scroll down the list until i find him, and this is a waste of time. If it can helps, I have recently changed my number by passing from a +32 number to a +41 and I have changed my country of residence few months ago. I don’t know if the bug is related to this. Eventually would it be possible also to add a simple function: a favorite contacts list that it’a always on top of the other names?



hey Revolut you didn’t notice this bug ?

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@AndreasK maybe you can suggest a sort of “favourite” person section to the team ? might be a good thing here.


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