Receiving wage in Singapore

So i am working for 6 months in Singapore and ill loose money if my wage is put into my UK bank account, if the wage is paid into my resolut is that better? Would it be possible and me not loose any money asif it was getting paid into an SG bank account?

Thanks in advance

Hey @MACKA :slight_smile:

You can receive your salary into your :r: account and use it with your card in Singapore without any problem as long as you’re a resident of a country where :r: is available and you’ll carry your phone number with you. Remember to keep your account fully verified.

So what would i need to do to make sure it worked ok? Just stay logged in, but being a resident of the Uk would make it ok

As long as your app is verified you should be good to go.

Open an account in SGD and provide your employer with the IBAN for that account (assuming you get payed in SGD)

And make sure not to forget the reference code!

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