Receiving USD from American Business to Revolut Account

Hi there,

i sold some items to a US Business, i’m just wondering if i can use my Revolut USD Current Account to receive the money from them in USD rather than Pound Sterling? My figuring is that it’ll cut down on the charges for me and them - Natwest it seems charges an arm and a leg to receive money, so is there a limit of how much i can receive from an American person/business and how long will it take to receive the money? anything else i need to know, i.e limits etc?

:R: doesn’t offer ACH/ABA at the moment (will do in the future.), so there’s a pooled USD IBAN but it’ll be via SWIFT. You’ll have to pay fees on that front.

It’ll be via a pooled IBAN, however. Your counter-party will have to send the money to :R:, and use a reference number so :R: will be able to identify the recipient (You) and direct it to your account.

Will depend whether the ‘US business’ is happy to send it to Revolut (company) as opposed to you (individual.).

The app says ‘1 to 3 working days’.