Receiving payments in USD

Hello, I’m looking for a Payment Gateway solution for my e-commerce store (powered by Shopify), that is targeting customers from USA. Can Revolut be used to receive payments in USD without any additional fees?
If i read correctly, this wasn’t possible recently, but i’m curious if situation changed with “Revolut landing in USA” to which early access can be seen at .
Furthermore, if I want to use my account this way, does it matter if I create it trough tab, or, as an UK based person, trough main site?

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A Revolut Business account does not give you a US bank account that is in your company’s name. As a result most merchant accounts will not accept it. As an alternative consider Transferwise which provides a US account (routing number and account number) in your company’s name. Another alternative is a UK based merchant account (such as Stripe) which will accept USD payments and automatically convert them to GBP for payment into a UK bank account.

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Hi @Orange

We do not charge for any incoming funds. For now, you can sign up a company registered in EEA or Switzerland only. Early access sign up is only for personal accounts.

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So I won’t be charged for any incoming funds, that’s obvious. But what about a person that is making a transfer? Will a customer be able to make a transfer to my European Revolut account without being additionally charged?

For now I operate as a sole proprietorship, so I will be using a personal account anyway.

@Orange It will depend on the bank of the sender.

Hello Oleksii,
My company is based in Spain (e-commerce too) and I target customers all around the world.
Can I receive USD in revolut from my paypal account , and then exchange this USD through revolut to be able to transfer euros to my main account ?
Thank you!