Receiving payments in USD from USD entity

Hi there - I’m interested in the following use case for Revolut:

  • Receiving a quarterly payment/credit in USD from a USD entity (and therefore US bank) to my Revolut account
  • Being able to convert that USD balance to EUR at a reasonable FX rate
  • Using my USD/EUR in my Revolut account freely for payments and transfers

From what I understand, there are a few problems with this seemingly simple example:

  1. US uses ACH payment system and not IBANs.
  2. Therefore when a payment is made to your Revolut account in USD it is paid to Revolut directly and you are asked to provide the payer with some reference number that can then be mapped back to your Revolut account so it can be transferred from the central Revolut USD account(s).
  3. Many US entities and/or banks won’t send payments to an account which is not in the name of the expected benefactor. This means the solution proposed in point 2 cannot work.

To get around this issue (and as part of global expansion), Revolut plan to be able to allow US citizens create a Revolut account that will have it’s own IBAN.

Am I correct in all of the above? Can you have a USD IBAN?

If this is the case then will European Revolut account holders be able to solve a problem like the one I outlined above? I.e. receive payments in USD to their Revolut USD account with their own USD IBAN in their name from US entities/banks and trade FX to convert to EUR at a reasonable market price?

If so, when should this be available by? As soon as US accounts go live?

If not, why?

Many thanks for all help on this - it would be a great solution for me and many people I know.

Once R. will be availabe in the US, customers can get local ACH details. Until then, there are the limitations of the pooled USD accounts.

As for the timeline:


(twitter, 5 minutes ago)

They also often mention either Q2 or first half of 2018, so I think they’re aiming for end of June at the latest (same as Australia, Canada, and some other countries)

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Thanks for the help guys. Getting local ACH details makes sense to me. It’s a pity the date keeps getting pushed back. I need it no later than mid May for a specific use case. Unfortunately will have to look into other options for now but may be an option down the line.

Do you know if Revolut has already been launched in the US by now?

I receive dividends in USD every quarter.

If I send those dividend to my GBP Revolut account, will Revolut do the conversion (i.e. I avoid the huge normal costs), or will the sending bank convert the USD before it lands in my Revolut account?

For example, if you send USD to your Starling bank, the sending bank will covert the cash to GBP. Hence the fees are high.

Surprisingly however, if you send EUR to your GBP Starling account, Starling will do the conversion at spot. It only works like that with Euros for some reason.

Sorry if this was confusing!