receiving money


I have just set up my revolut account and ordered the card as I am going to be living in italy for a year as a foreign exchange student (from the UK). I have enabled both a GBP account and a euro account. I am doing an erasmus exchange which means I will be receiving the erasmus grant which is paid out in euros (annoyingly) I was hoping to use my revolut account to receive my grant while avoiding the nasty fees the bank charge me whenever i have incoming and outgoing transactions in foreign currencies. What I was wondering is would this be possible via revolut and what information do i provide? i notice if i click into the GBP account i have a sort code and account number so can i provide this to erasmus and i will receive the money which will be converted to pounds but minus any nasty charges or will i get charged something? If so am i better providing the iban number that i see when i click on my euro account?

Hope all that makes sense,

You just have yo activate your EURO account and provide the local IBAN :slight_smile: