Receiving money on my Euro account

Hi, I need to receive some amount of money in € (which I have earned through some online cultural activities) on my Revolut Euro account. Should I use the Local option (SEPA) or SWIFT? on their website where I have to register my bank account (IBAN), it asks for POST CODE! Weird! And no place to write BIC! what should I do?

is it not asking for your details not the banks.
Your Name
Your City
Your Post Code
Your Bank Country

Nope, my name and other details are registered somewhere else in my profile but this is the part that I need to register a bank account (In form of IBAN) to receive my money/earnings from that website.

The screen you show asks for bank account holder name which is your name not your bank’s so assuming that the remainder are also your details.

In case I need to fill the Bank’s Post code, what post code does Revout have in London? I checked my IBAN on this website ( and it gave me this information below. Is this valid?