Receiving Money from USA / Sort Codes

I signed up to Revolut as our business receives a lot of payments in US dollars. I want us to hold the payments in dollars, in our brand new Revolut account.

My US customers has really struggled to work out how to transfer the money with just an IBAN. Their bank, JP Morgan/Chase, wanted a sort code too. (Yes, I am slightly confused why but we can’t argue with their bank).

Using the link below, we have suggested they use the sort code 308012, which the Revolut customer support person confirmed.

When I try and transfer £5 from our UK bank to the sort code and account linked to the Revolut IBAN I get an error.

Has anyone else tried this? Will it work?

The sort code is already included in your IBAN (The 6 digits after the letters) you can check the image below for the explanation

The sort code is already included the IBAN its the 6 digits after the letters
The attached image will explain it for you

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