Receiving money from another Revolut user

How do I receive money from another Revolut user? I thought this would be really easy, but we can’t get it to work at all.

A work colleague who also uses Revolut wants to give me RON 100. He tried to use the near me feature that appears in his Revolut iPhone app, bit it didn’t find me - maybe because I have Android, or maybe it just doesn’t work for some reason.

So, he tried creating a payment link, and sending it to me (in WhatsApp). I received the link, but it does nothing. If I click on it, it opens in Chrome, but then gets stuck asking me for my country.

How do we get this to work?

Try to give :r: permission of your contacts, than you will see your friend (if you have the phone number) as :r: member to which you can send money in the Payments tab

Cheers. Neither of us wants to give Revolut access to our contacts. It damaged my contacts when I did that a while back. Now fix d, bit not letting it near them again!

I think it is not any different than letting Viber or any messenger app contact access.

Just add Revolut internal contact with colleague’s phone number…

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Cheers. So I need to do that as the recipient - what does the sender then need to do?

Later … Just tried that and that also requires letting Revolut have access to my phone’s contacts. Not going to happen, after the last time!

Internal contact? This obviously does not work on Android. You are asked “Allow contact access” and when you click “Not now” you are back in this screen. I am still on 5.9.

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Hmmm, it doesn’t work now… Near me doesn’t work without Contact privileges in my case too :confused: Strange, I am pretty sure that it have worked without this privilege in the past …

Finally got it to work with a link, after much prodding at the screen.
It’s all pretty poor - Revolut seems a bit flakey once you get out of the sweetspot if using it as a prepaid card for foreign currency payments at a POS.

Thats why you dont give any of them access to your contacts :sunglasses:

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