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Dear All,
I have just been informed about this service and I am definitely interested. However, before signing up I need one thing clarified: I need this bank account so my UK employer can send me my salary directly – currently it is being sent to my friend who then transfers it to my non-UK bank account from time to time which is less than ideal. I am a EU (Hungary) but not a GB resident.
I understand that I can get Third Party Bank Transfer in GBP but I still need confirmation before signing up (I’ll have to buy an Android phone because there’s no Windows 10 support in order to be able to manage my Revolut, this is why I am asking).
So: is it possible to use Revolut for receiving my weekly salary from a UK employer in GBP?
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hey @dehumanizer :slight_smile:

I believe you can:

(I’m not a resident of the UK either)

I am facing the same issue, please let me know if it worked out for you. I found this tread, might be interesting to you:

Thanks for an answer!

@Nestak if you are resident of an EEA country you’ll get a local UK bank account and a SEPA (EUR/IBAN) account under your name where you can receive your salary. Be sure you follow the verification process to increase your top-up limit.

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Thanks for the hint regarding top up limit. Will do!