Receiving GBP Salary on Revolut GBP Account as non UK-Citizen


Dear Community,
I hope you could answer my question, former discussion could not really answer my question. I currently having a German Revolut EUR account and just also opened an GBP account in my app. I am going to do a summer internship in London and wanted to know if I really could use my Revolut GBP account in order to receive my salary eventhough I have not yet an UK address nor did I had to validate a UK citizenship (I am German). If that would work also withouth UK address validation, what bank details can I give to my employer regarding my UK account except for the Sort Code and Account Number (IBAN, Bank Name, Address, etc.)?
Thank you very much


Hi MarkoS,

With Revolut, you don’t need to have a UK address (nor citizenship, thanks god) to use your GBP details.
I personally also use both my EUR and GBP accounts on a daily basis, works perfectly (and I live outside of the UK).

Sort code + account number (as well as your name) is usually enough in the UK. When I was working in London that’s all I ever gave to my employers. They can lookup the bank name using the sort code.


Hi Quentin,

thank you very much for your help.
So it is definitely not necessay to “activate” or validate the account in order to receive salary payments? I looked up the Sort Code, it says Bank Name is PREPAY TECHNOLOGIES LTD, ist that correct?

Thanks again!


I’m not sure how the app shows it initially, you might need to click an Activate button in order to get your account number + sort code.
Basically go to your GBP account details, under the “local” tab, and if you have your info there, it’s all good, you can use that and give it to your employer.

PREPAY TECHNOLOGIES LTD is indeed what I put when some companies request the bank name.
I wouldn’t worry too much, whoever is handling payroll in the company you’ll be working for will make this work, name + account number + sort code will be fine.


Sure, you have to activate your personal Revolut UK GBP account. You do that through the app. Use the account details as shown under “local”, not “SWIFT”.


Thanks a Lot Quentin!


Hi there, I am giving the bank details for the first job in the UK, I would like to have a confirmation in regards to what I am reading in this post.
I am not sure regarding Bank Name and Bank Address: checking the sort code I get these info:
Bank Name --> Prepay Technologies Ltd
Bank Address --> Station Square 1 Gloucester Street, Swindon, SN1 1GW
Is it correct?? Thanks


Maybe @AndreasK can confirm the bank name & address to be given?


Yes these are the right details for domestic UK transfer to your personal GBP account.


I believe I been victim of a scam using the company and address listed in this thread!
Can anyone give me some more info about this company and how they operate, how can they provide accounts etc?

Prepay technologies LTD, Station Square, 1 Gloucester street, Swindon, SN1 1GW

Money was transfered into an account there? Anyone can shed some light?


If you believe you have been a victim, then you should contact the police.


of course! but want to let everyone who has any doing with this “bank”
at this address that they are a storefront for fraud


Maybe we should be a bit more careful with throwing around accusations and allegations if we dont know the facts at hand :wink:


Don’t state things that you can’t back with facts. Revolut uses this Bank as a partner to give their users GBP Personal Accounts with Sort Code etc. This means the every account at that bank will use their address when doing a transfer.

What most likely have happened is that a user at the Bank (might even be Revolut user) is behind the alleged fraud and not the bank it self.

What you need to do is to contact your own bank and try and stop the transfer, if that can’t be done then you need to contact the Police.


Does anyone know the correct Bank Name and Address?



Andreas confirmed the address in an earlier reply


Well, I feel it’s needed to ask for more info on the facts of the address you provided in this thread as the address is now under fraud investigation and has been reported to the police… Be up to them to check out their operation and the address their accounts etc


You can find this info on our T&Cs too:


Hi Marko,

I have an urgent issue, similar to yours, I am also going to do a summer internship: My local GPB account states “Revolut LTD” as a beneficiary and a transfer to this account therefore requires a reference number. For my salary payments, I need an account that states myself as a beneficiary. A close friend of mine is also a Revolut user (he signed up from the same country) and his local GPB account states himself as a beneficiary, no reference number needed.

This friend and me work for the same company, his Revolut account works for the salaray payments while mine does not. What do I need to do to fix this?

I need to solve the issue by the end of this week, otherwise my salary payment might be delayed!



Hi MakoS,

How are you doing ?!

I am actually in the same situation. I’ll do a summer internship in London and I was wondering the same thing.

Is it possible to receive a GBP salary on a Revolut GBP account.

Have you been able to get more information on that since then?

I would really appreciate if you would’nt mind share with me what comes out from your research.

Thank you =)