Receiving Funds via Paypal


To Whom This corresponds,

I just signed up to Revolut yesterday and am in need of assistance.

I have paypal funds and I would like to know if its possible to transfer them to my Revolut account. If it is a possibility, are there any additional fees to consider?

Many thanks!


Hey @thefiga514 :slight_smile:

Only in EUR or GBP at the moment :wink:


But what if I transfer from Paypal (USD) to my Revolut (GBP)?


Hey @thefiga514 :slight_smile:

:r: can only receive funds through a transfer without a reference number if you’re using your personal EUR IBAN or GBP account. I don’t know what would happen if you transferred another currency, but I’ve got the feeling it wouldn’t be a SEPA Transfer and you’d be charged badly.

However, @AndreasK, can you confirm?


It should be ok, however, paypal will convert your USD to GBP applying their own FX.