Receiving funds from friends counts as Top-up?


This is really serious issue!
I accidentally found out that my top-up limit is getting lower every time someone sends me funds.

And as the year limit is getting closer, the more i worry about how will i prove where my funds came from, so i can raise the limit. I reported this serious situation to the in-app chat support, because as they agreed, i wont be able to prove where the money of my friends came from before they sent them to me.

I really think, that you can count receiving money from other Revolut users as “top-up”.
If this continue, i wont be able to use Revolut`s service anymore, just because i cant prove where the money came from, which is ridiculous since they came from other users.

Someone from Revolut, please confirm this case is on the waiting list to be resolved and you will place the necessary changes with back-date. Thanks you guys!

p.s. i love Revolut!


Im raising this topic again. Its not 911, but still - its pretty serious !
Someone from Revolut can at least share their opinion if not else… @AndreasK ?


Hi there.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Let me clarify, any time you receive funds into your Revolut account it counts as a top up. However, by providing source of fund for increasing your limits we’re able to increase your limit based on your income. You don’t need to worry about proving “where the money of my friends came from before they sent them to me.”


You mean that if i have 10k euro limit, and 8 of them came from other Revolut users, i will only have to prove where the other 2k came from, right?


I believe he said that your personal limit for top up depends on your salary or any other proof of funds and not on incoming money from 3rd party sources like friends and family. If your paycheck says 30 k a year, your limit can be raised to this. If you sold a house or stocks for 300.000, your limit can be raised …


hopefully thats what he meant


I raised my limit today, and indeed they raised it based on the incomes I could justify (rounded up to the next 10k), which makes sense.


Yup yup yup :slight_smile: