Received physical card, it does not work



I’m trying Revolut on the recommendation of a colleague and have ordered a physical card. Despite having £5 credit on the card, and having all the security options turned off (location-based security is off, disabling of all features is off) I cannot complete small transactions, for example in Tesco.

Have I missed something? I appear to have enough credit and yet cannot pay using this card. I have not tried withdrawing from an ATM yet. I would like to test and see the card work before topping it up and using it overseas … and so far there’s no sign of it working.

Can anyone help please?

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And yes, the card is enabled in the app.


Out of interest, have you already paid for the physical card? Just thinking. I know a certain amount of credit is blocked to pay Revolut, but I thought this occurred before the dispatch of the card.



This is a physical card which had been paid for. I initially credited my account with £10, and used £5 to buy the physical card. £5 remaining credit.

Cheers, Stephen


I’m hoping that I’ve missed a simple step for card activation / use however don’t see what else to do.


My card worked out of the box, since you have all security features turned off it should work - might have to talk to support about this one.


Thanks for confirming. I’ll look them up.


Please complete a Chip & Pin transaction first before attempting any other types of transactions!


Hi there,

It might be that what you think is “enable” means actually “disabled”:
Pink (or Purple…not sure of this colour) means disabled, grey means enabled…it is probably an obvious thing and you have already checked…but since I did this mistake at the beginning… :sweat_smile:

Btw, the first security check works the other way round

Hope it can help


Hi Emanuele,

Many thanks for your reply. I’ve double checked and all security options are set to grey, so I think I’ve worked my way around the double-negatives :slight_smile:

I’ll try the chip and pin approach as previously suggested and go from there.




The chip and pin worked last night at M&S, and the contactless soon thereafter. Things are looking up!
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