Received new Visa card. Can I still use my old Matercard card?

I have just received a Visa Revolut card in the mail. I have an existing Mastercard with Revolut too. I can see both cards on my phone app. Can I use both cards interchangeably, or will the old Mastercard be de-activated?

Sure. You can use both. You can freeze and unfreeze cards as you like.

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Did you order that specifically or was it given to you? I’ve heard from some people, they got an additional VISA card without doing anything

Yes, you’re probably referring to the situation that a certain batch of old Mastercards wouldn’t work with TfL. Revolut sent them a “replacement”. This aside, the answer to the question if the old card can be kept is the same.

Ok that explains it. My card seems to not be affected as I didn’t get one (I also don’t need one anyways)

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This is my situation yeah. This Visa card is a ‘replacement’ card. Thanks for the reply.

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Hi, I’m using my virtual card. Few days ago I ordered metal card and I got it day before yesterday. But, still now I can’t make morethan 3 trading in a week. How will I get the features of metal card for unlimited trading per month?
Could you please help me.

I have ordered a second Visa physical card in addition to my existing MasterCard accidently. I thought there will by any confirm or something. The shipping cost was HUF1940. Can I cancel this order somehow and refund the shipping cost?
Thank you in advance!