Received card of another customer

Hi all

Just wanted to ask if this also has happened to someone else.

As I have opened the fancy Revolut slider card box I was rather surprised and shocked at the same time to read someone else’s name on it.

If I have the wrong card, I wonder where the heck my card has been shipped to. ?

Mistakes do I happen, I am not throwing a stone - it’s just mixing up customers addresses is not something you should frequently do as a bank.

Nevertheless, :r: support was very professional and I will get a new card for free. Hopefully sent to the right address this time :wink:
Which other Bank does solve such problems that quick on a Saturday.

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I will see next week as I ordered a card.

However, speaking from experience, something like that usually happens at the third party suppliers side.
Edit: As expected my card arrived with the correct name on it


I have received the right card this time. Even 7 days earlier than they’ve predicted. I close this topic as it looks like a single mistake.
Thanks for reading.