receive withdrawals in my mastercard revolut



im interested in using my revolut card to deposit for online betting. I would like to know if its ok to receive withdrawals sent to be credit on my card balance.




I didn’t fully understand your question. If you’re talking about ATM money deposit, that’s not a current option :slight_smile:
Also, please keep in mind these limitations:

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ah ok so i cant gamble :frowning: :smiley: but what is the the amounts in between brackets? as example ($120 or equivalent) ?



You can, indeed, gamble (legally), but up to $120.
To spend more in gambling, you will need to verify your cards and your ID :slight_smile:



sorry ive read again and understood what it meant the limits.

in the meantime @Julio - what i meant initially was

when i use currently my credit card from another bank to deposit in a gambling website, when i need to withdraw funds from my gambling website it withdaws the funds back to my credit card balance. it appears on my credit card statement as a credit.

In this case if use my revolut to deposit in the same gambling website when i will go request a cashout from the gambling website it will normally send back the funds to the same card ive used to deposit.

Now what i want to know is if Revolut card can receive credits like other credit cards do.

Or to make it easier, lets say i make a payment with my revolut card to a merchant and then for some reason the merchant needs to refund me the funds back to the same deposit method ive used.

Does revolut card support that?

Hope its more clear now.


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Sure thing, I fully understand now :slight_smile:
I have used my card before the way you’ve mentioned in non-gambling websites (i.e. a compensation credit), yes, so I guess as long as you verify your ID and cards as mentioned, you should be fine ^^



cool, thanks a lot you are quite helpful

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You’re welcome, thanks :wink:



Is it possible to use Revolut for gambling websites?
According to their T&Cs it is, unless it is an unlawful platform, but recently they started denying payment from gambling websites to Revolut.
Does anyone know if it has been a change or it only applies for some country/markets specifically?