Receive USD from a bank in Spain to my Revolut account, any fees?


Hello Community,

So I am performing some services for a company located in Spain and I was wondering if they will send the payment in USD to my Revolut USD account will there be any fees involved ? Also after converting the USD in my revolut account from USD -> RON and then withdrawing them to my bank account (also in RON currency) will I have to pay fees? or what I will withdraw is what I will get (bank situated in the SEPA area)

Thanks a lot for your time.


Hey @Andrei1 :slight_smile:

Do you have any information on what’s their bank?
SEPA transfers (in EUR) are free for most Spanish banks’ accounts and fee-free for you, but transfers in USD are not and you might also get charged by intermediary banks :frowning:

Would you consider having them pay you in € and then converting to RON? :wink:


Hey Julio,

They only want to pay in USD, if it were in EUR it would be much easier I know that. I do not really know the bank since they paid me in PayPal so far.


Hey @Andrei1 :slight_smile:

I can only help with some of the questions then. Hope someone else has more knowledge on this :smile:

No. Only if you exceed the monthly FX limit (which was €5.000 I believe) or if you convert it during weekends you will pay 0.5% extra.

If your bank doesn’t charge you any fees, I believe you should be getting the same amount. I believe @c0stin will surely know about this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It wouldn’t be possible at the moment for you to receive a USD transfer from a third party, though. Right now that account is only available for top-ups.


He can receive USD from third parties now, @c0stin :slight_smile:

But what about RON transfers from Revolut? Are they fee-free?


I haven’t tried it yet so I’m not quite sure :confused: A RON-RON transfer should most likely be free