Receive Salary in SEK (Sweden)

Hello Revolut community,

This summer I will be working in Sweden and therefore will receive a salary in swedish crowns (SEK). As I am originally from France, I would like at the end of my contract to change all I’ve earned into Euros. So basically my thinking would be to receive my monthly salary into my revolut account and then change my crowns into euro via revolut with the wonderful exchange rates. But as I am fairly new with Revolut, I’m still a bit insecure if this could work and if yes what would be the procedure. So here’s the list of my concerns:

  1. Can I receive my monthly salary in SEK ? Or is this option only reserved to GBP, EUR, USD ?
  2. If yes, is there any kind of “hidden” fees ? or the 2000 sek I’m theoritically supposed to earn (imaginary value) will appear as 1950 sek (another imaginary value) into revolut ?

Thank you in advance guys !


Hello @Pepper since Revolut does’nt provide personnal number for SEK accounts you can not directly received your salary in Revolut.

The solution is to open a bank account in Sweden ( the simplier possible, no cards, no insurances… in order to pay a minimum ) then you’ll be able to manually transfer the amount to your Revolut account using your reference number and a SWIFT transfer.

Regarding the fees : there are none on Revolut side, but you may have to pay your Sweden bank for the SWIFT transfer.

Hi @mirron !!

Thank you for your answer, that was helpful and prevented me from making mistakes !

Take care !